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Tiger Bear

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Meet Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary Lion, tiger and bear, oh my!

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary When the trio was discovered in , Leo had an open and infected wound on his nose. Their friendship was so strong, the sanctuary even chose to keep all three in the same habitat.

Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan have been inseparable ever since. Story continues below. Luckily, they never really seem to mind. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary Brotherly love.

Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan's bond is different. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. BB, Do some research. Jimmy crack corn. Lay off the LSD. A Tigers best chance is when a bear is hibernating or total surprise.

Panthera bite is like-wise, that of a true killer-carnivore, not a garbage eater.. Lol a black bear from a southern climate. They are small and weak.

Tigers have a far better chance against a huge grizzly or Kodiak than a flea bitten lion. Or — if you do want to learn, then actually review the science, as in relevant published papers, via google scholar, instead.

James, wow, does no amount of evidence convince you? Most written accounts show tigers are greater than lions and I provided yet another source. Flea bitten tick infested lions depend on a pride to survive.

They must hunt with numbers because alone they seldom survive for too long. Bears and Tigers do it solo.

Meaning you ignore — most — fact-checked evidence, because the facts — upset your over-valued fantasies.. Its a natural fact kid, learn to accept it.

There you go again. Wit the insults. Yeah, I know tiger beats bear. I use reliable sources, not garbage comments which eighty percent of the people are with me on the lion vs tiger thing.

The useless drivel that he is constantly spouting out is sheer bias. He never stated actual fact and all the links he provides are bogus.

Lions have only one advantage and that is a mane to protect them from a neck bite. Otherwise the Tiger has every physical advantage.

Teeth, claws, strength, bite force to that of a Lion. He just needs to get over it. Furthermore you must have struggled in math.

Nowhere do I say a Tiger would typically defeat a grizzly or polar bear. I do however believe all 3 would dispatch a flea bitten lion the majority of the time.

Opinions are only as good as the facts which support them, kid. Grizzly bear is an dangerous adversary even for a male Tiger.

Thats not quite fair,how about a siberian tiger the largest cat on the earth. But against the largest bear on earth the kodiak brown bear,is all most twice as big and fearsest,as alion or tiger.

Brown bear has the advantage unless a lucky kill by the line. I am not referring to the grizzly bear but the big brown bear in Alaska that can go to pounds and over 11 feet tall.

It would not be a contest if they were both alert the bear is packed with dense fat and muscle. Oh wait.. NO, it aint..

James W, Just like African lion vs Grizzly bear, this fight can go either way. The bear has the strength advantage, while the tiger has the speed and agility advantage.

For a human to be packed with dense fat is a bad thing. However, bears are different. They can hunt large prey like moose and bison.

Their bellies are the only parts which are fat. Their back, legs, and arms are muscle. That is pure muscle, which gives them strong forearms.

James W, Please do some research. You will learn that that hump, is actually muscle — that is why bears have strong forearms.

Do some research about the fat protecting the bears to. Also, big cats are better hunters, but when it comes to fighting, both bears and big cats are equally matched with a slight edge to the bear.

The key to victory for the tiger are its hind legs. When the two engage the hind legs with their long claws would seriously damage the torso of the bear.

So many of these comments are ridiculous, saying tigers win because they have been known to hunt brown bears. Grizzlies are much heavier than tigers, and have much, much, much thicker hides and layers of fat.

Tigers are designed to pierce through thinner hides and hunt with surprise attacks. There is no difference between a grizzly bear and a brown bear.

How can you be such a fool? Mountain lions are on the record as doing this to bears, so a massive Amur certainly would do it too, but in an even more savagely effective manner..

One scientific explanation for this that I read is that fat in the central area of your body provides more kinetic energy to the force of your arms.

You can be fat due to lack of exercise, or you can be fat just by nature but actually very physically fit. I think a big brown bear would win vs tiger mostly due to bone mass.

The reason we may think that tigers supposedly hunt bears is that its always the tiger that makes the choice to attack a bear. And what tiger would ever try significantly risk his life?

So the tigers always attack the weaker bears, and also tigers hunt in packs. This is why momma bears are so protective of their cubs.

Fart, Tyson in his prime was a lean, mean KO machine! No fat-pad paunch on him then, nor on any real champ. Fact is, some tigers do hunt bears, despite being naturally risk-averse.

You are right, Tyson in his prime was lean and muscular. Apu the lying, cheating, scamming, sociopath.. A tiger could never get to any vital organs on a bear that size with all that fur and fat.

The bear is way tougher and far more durable. Tigers have a hard time fighting with some of the smallest bears in the world which are sloth bears.

Then there are Kodiak grizzlies which get up to pounds and polar bears too. Both way more powerful than a tiger. The fight can go either way. The bear is stronger, but the tiger is faster and more agile.

You seriously need to stop being biased. James W, Honestly, both pantherines are pretty much equal when it boils down to evolutionary adaptations — but if you examine the anatomy of both cats, you will realize that the tiger has a slight edge.

This larger cranial volume also gives the tiger stronger jaws than the lion, which is yet, another advantage in combat. Not to mention that while lions fight a lot, tigers also have their fair share of fighting experience — tigers often have to fight to death in order win the heart of a female or to protect their territory.

That being said, the lion is no slouch in any of the departments where the tiger gets the upper hand or, shall I say, paw : , and the fight could go either way.

The tiger, on the other hand, has black stripes, which allows it to camaflouge itself while hunting. The lion is able to wrestle large prey like Cape Buffalo, but it takes more time and effort.

It says that before poaching and habitat destruction, Bengal tigers used to grow OVER pounds — almost twice the size of an African lion!

AP, can you provide evidenc for your claims? AFAIK, lion hunts are the most successful of the big cats, due to their socially cooperative approach, which enables them to bring down even mega-fauna prey species..

A Polar Bear vs. A Tiger vs Grizzly think about everything the bears has make sure to calculate in the weakness do the same with the Tiger.

Tiger one shot slow it down 5 shots thing would be limbing away, and 10 shots time for Tiger soup. A one shot rifle vs bear with surprise 1 mile away not nice knowing you.

The Siberian Tiger for being close to the same size as a grizzly. Is much more agile, quicker and stronger. It will be behind the Grizzly and on its back before it even knows what happened.

If the bear can deliver one blow of front feet towards the tigers head…its done! Go on Youtube and check out that video of a pound mother sloth bear who protects her cub from an adult tiger.

I would give it for the Tiger. The tiger would be powerful enough to wrestle the Grizzly to the ground and go for a neck bite.

To sum everything up, if the tiger manages to wrestle a Grizzly or a Kodiak bear to the ground and get a neck bite, it would win.

AP, no.. This is the expertise a skilled full-time killer — puts to work, to his decided advantage. James W, Yes, I have done anatomical study.

Indeed, the tiger is a far better killer than the bear. James W, Really man? Like, really? I am arrogant? How I am arrogant? How is that arrogant?

I am not giving a tiger any tips — I am just stating the most realistic way a tiger could kill a bear. But the two guys are practically the same except for the fact that one is stronger.

But a tiger and a bear are completely different animals. They have different body structures. Plus, the hump on their back is pure muscle — that gives them powerful forearms.

But in overall strength, the bear takes the cake by a slight margin. Do try to grasp some reality, boy.. But when taking on larger and stronger prey, they certainly use their paws — google it.

Plus, killing a pound muscle bound moose with one paw swipe takes a lot of strength — that is the point. It does not matter how the muscle is developed.

As long as the bear is strong enough to fight the tiger — that is all that matters. Jeeze… Did I say that fat is muscle?!

Nature does not give things without reason. If you imagine you do.. Do you, even in your most lurid dream of superstitions..

If such a rare event.. So yeah.. The vid shows a bear with a calf kill.. Big deal.. But Mooses antlers can also meausure up to 6ft.

When tigers are hunting, they will just go for the neck. And the bear, as mentioned earlier, is used to this also. Tigers have a vast range of skilled options to employ when confronting many different animals..

You seem to forget that the most ferocious opponent a male tiger must defeat.. Some tigers choose to prey on bears.. No bear would be tolerated in his hunting grounds..

In a hunt, tigers will use a variety of skills indeed, but like most big cats except the jaguar they will first go for the neck.

Just like a male tiger must defend his territory from another male tiger, a male grizzly must do the same also. Both are very territorial animals, in case you did not know….

Fights between big cats are very vicious, however, to say that fights between bears are pathetic, is frankly, ludicrous.

Go on Youtube and see fights between male grizzlys — they are hella violent. Wait, why are you mentioning lions, this is a Grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger thread?

Just like lions assert their dominance, tigers and bears do the same. In fact, sometimes tigers and bears will go out and also kill other animals because they either want to invade their territory, or they are threatening their cubs.

Just let me know when you are done weeping about your precious lion… than we can have an adult like debate… LMFAO. How typical.. Not that he could actually learn anything..

AP so predictably.. Small in land grizzly bears in Montana have been studied and have been scientifically proven to through pound dumpsters like beach balls.

I have family who live in grizzly country and one of there friends shot a grizzly bear point blank with a shotgun and lived the friend escaped though while the bear was stunned from the shot.

Big cats do of course.. Those heads have antlers that are 6ft long so chill a moose can kill a lion but lions can also kill a moose check reports of moose attacks on people they are pretty hard core.

Black bears also can climb up trees they do it just as fast as your big cats do actually can you provide a source of a lion being a good climber.

But cats, even real big ones.. Was having your.. Also if you ever realized that when people think of big tough lumberjacks they tend to relate them to big tough grizzlies.

Also grizzlys never need to climb besides when the cubs. A fat-as bear simply cannot climb a pole. No bear can do.. Hey Lames W, The problem is, Lames W the joker has not provided any links to back his ludicrous claims — thus it is impossible to examine them when they are non-existent… LOL.

What have you provided, Lames W? Wait, I forgot… bullshit. You have provided bullshit… LMAO. AP, too funny..

Your lame attempts to cite trash sites.. Accept it and be happy. If you think otherwise, by all means cite some reliable sources or formulate a valid argument.

So he has a spoilt brat tantrum.. L… Awww.. I think that the fight is even there are accounts of tigers killing brown bears and brown bears are reported to also kill tigers.

But the tigers only attack small bears or females. But also when there food supply is low Tigers will ambush bears also. But on a one on one fight I think it leans more towards the bear.

If Iap, you are really interested.. Male lions also form coalitions, grouping up cooperatively.. Tigers do not do this, nor do bears..

Iap, FYI, the specific movie.. Where do you get shit like that from? King Kong fiction movies? As if..

The tiger is faster, more agile, and has sharper teeth and claws. The bear is larger, marginally stronger, and has fur, fat, and loose skin to protect it from life threatening injuries.

James W. Look Lames… if you are depressed, than committing suicide is an option…it will benefit you and the rest of the world….

The only issue with you committing suicide… is…. The truth is.. No reader here.. Hilarious… So Apey or some other dung-wallah decided to troll and scam… lame… just lame….

I am the real James W. I have admitted that a bear would destroy a tiger. Yeah right.. They wish.. Remember guys, you all know who the real James W.

It is me. The competant one. The one who apologized for his mistakes. Clearly the tiger is more powerful.

The tiger has a beautiful orange coat with stripes while lions have ugliesh tannish skin. Beatty himself admitted that his arena was formed in a manner which would give the lions an advantage in battle.

Beatty also admitted that his lions fought in groups, and ganged up on solo tigers. He used to spray ammonia on tigers and was even arrested for animal cruelty.

And lions only dominate tigers sculpturally. Outside of sculptures, tigers have a far more striking appearance than lions — that is exactly why tigers are more endangered than lions.

Funnily enough, most people find tigers far more majestic and cooler than lions. Lions do have a majestic mane, but they also have ugly, tannish, skin.

Tigers, on the other hand, have a nice, beautiful, and majestic orange coat, with a mixture of white fur on the bottom, and black stripes.

Just too funny.. Oh dear.. AP, seems useless trash.. APU stinks.. In a real fight or battle, be it between animals, humans, teams or armies; defence figures prominently.

Between 2 equally strong adversaries, the one who can absorb more attacks would usually win in the end. But be the very careful because the jagu is the to strong to the sex.

My money is on the Siberian tiger. Contrary to popular belief, big cats especially tigers do have thick, dense, bones — they need that, in order to bring down large prey like gaur or water buffalo.

Another thing to keep in mind are claws. An African lion would be a fairer match up for a grizzly bear. This gives the bear a fair chance to fight back.

Aww… Sorry, did I hurt your feelings? Aww…James is gonna cry to his mommy now.. It shows.. Indian-living Asiatic lions.. Martial also states that the Tigers always killed the Lions in the amphitheatre.

Its worthless fantasy drivel.. So, according to you, if I link a site which quotes an expert who compared a prime male African lion and a prime male Bengal tiger, it is a tiger fanboy site?

Think about it. Haughton, an animal expert, who was completely unbiased, claimed that five men can easily subdue a lion, but it requires nine to subdue a tiger.

And close observation of these animals in captivity shows that the tiger was more courageous, and the lion relied on his mane as an intimidation factor, which barely helped him.

Totally unscientific garbage.. In fact James, how about YOU site a link which supports your claims? Now go on, go and cry to mommy…Lol.

In fact, this quote was from a book which compared lions and tigers! How could it be a tiger fanboy site?! James, you want some proof as to how that site which I linked is unbiased?

Scroll down to section 4. Guess what? There are references! You are so pig-ignorant.. You validity.. And you have the nerve to accuse me of scamming, when you yourself are purposefully writing shit under your name?

Wow… your hypocrisy is showing big time… FYI: If you are not scamming under your name, whoever is — consider that to be karma for all the lame trolling you have done in the past.

Thanks guys. I love how Lames can not provide one piece of evidence to support his point of view, yet he has the nerve to call mine unscientific. He is truly a hypocrite.

By promptly going APe-shit ballistic with infantile rage.. Be gone evil spectre.. See kids.. Hey guys! I believed the bear would win this.

Grizzly bears can reach weights lbs, while the tiger maxs out at That is a huge weight advantage for the bear. What records Lames, huh?

Can you provide some links? Aww…little Lamesey is gonna cry now, L. Lames, Robert gave evidence to support his point of view. I noticed that you did not respond to that..

A Tiger kills every known predator in its habitat. Tigers are also documented to regularly kill lions in pit fights.

Tigers take this. You see guys, if you analyze their fighting techniques, you will learn that the Siberian tiger has a greater chance of winning — even in a straight fight.

The bear is a formidable opponent — no doubt. I think it is a even fight. I will agree with that the strength difference is not a lot but bear is slightly stronger.

Bear has bigger and stronger claws while the tiger has sharper and smaller claws. But you are right — on average, regardless of who is stronger — the strength difference would not be a lot.

Tiger have been documented having hour long fights with gaur and swimming 30 miles during the summers. And FYI: Tigers have managed to penetrate the hide of animals like crocodiles thicker than that of a bears.

Thanks for respecting my opinion dude. A tiger could definitely be stronger In some situations but most the time the bear will be slightly like very slightly stronger.

But it would still be a fair fight. And Jake, you should see the video that AP linked of Machli killing a 14 foot croc with a bite to the head.

Plus, tigers have been documented biting through fully grown tortoise shells — they can do the same to crocs. Like I said, tigers have been documented munching down on fully grown tortoise shells — I doubt they would have any difficulties doing the same to a croc.

Problem with this comparison is, there are no confirmed fights between a mature male grizzly and either a lion or a tiger where the big cat came out victorious.

Neither in the wild or between captive animals. The grizzly has defeated the big cat in every known fight event.

Tigers are more intelligent, stronger, and meaner than any bear. Tigers hunt big game all the time. Bears only hunt big game when they need to.

They mainly eat fish and berries and shit. A bear vs a tiger would be like a big fat guy fighting a slightly smaller guy whose all muscle.

The bear would get destroyed. Grizzlys are very strong and hardy, but they employ very simple brute force strategies.

The source you have has two major flaws. One the bear was old and less in shape than in his prime while the tiger was younger than the bear. The other flaw is that the bear was fighting the tiger severely injured from the train incident and lost a lot of blood.

If you watch a video of Joe Rohan who is one of the all time best UFC fighters in all time has a video of him talking about how crazy bears are and how incredibly skilled they are at fighting they use judo throws and wrestling moves like having inside control over its opponent.

You also have to remember that bears have the best stamina out of all predators with only the wolf having more. The tiger is no way stronger than the bear think about it while the cat might just might be stronger than a small out of shape bear but a bear in its prime will be stronger than the tiger at its prime.

Bears give up agility for being crazily strong for how pit of shape they look. Some small bears in captivity were tested how strong they were and they could toss and roll around large bins which were lbs each and they were calm and relaxed the whole time they played with them.

They also have an extremely high pain tolerance and are built to be as durable as nature can make them. Bears might have better problem solving skills than tigers, but I doubt their combat intelligence is better.

As far as stamina is concerned — there have been eyewitness accounts of tigers having hour long fights with large prey like gaur and water buffalo.

They can also stay in stealth mode for long periods of time to. Believe it or not, the average tiger is stronger than the average bear.

This means that a lbs tiger will have pounds of muscle working while a bear would have only lbs of muscle working.

Also, there have been cases where hunters have hit tigers with multiple bullets and the tiger still survives. Bears and tigers have different kinds of strength.

Tigers use the strength like a gymnast doing flips and big jumps which requires explosive strength.

Bears are like rugby players they need strength over periods of time to run across the field and make tackles at full speed.

Here is a link talking about feats of strength of a bear as explains how bear strength works. A bear in Canada known as the boss survived a train hitting him when he was 5 and just left his mother.

Here is A link about it. Thanks for agreeing. Bears actually do generally fight more than tigers. Mainly because tigers live very far apart and they have a low population.

Bears are actually smarter at fighting than tigers. Tigers are smarter at hunting though. The way that bears fight is mostly like Greco but there is a little bit of sumo when they first charge each other.

Trust me tigers have good stamina just not as nearly good as a bear. Bears have slow twitch muscle mainly and that gives a person or animal strength over long periods of time so basically stamina.

From my experience of wrestling it is heavily based around stamina and strength over periods of time and is more exhausting than football and lacrosse.

Gaurs are also prey animals so it has an extreme disadvantage. Yeah, no worries man! Now, I am not sure which animal fights more — but recent research shows that tigers do a fair amount of fighting throughout their lifetime.

Tigers are extremely rare, endangered, and their habitat makes it difficult to document them. But recent research has taught us more about them.

Eh… that is questionable. Tigers have amazing fighting technique — they stand up on their hind legs, and throw both their heavyweight paws ridiculously fast.

They also lean back to protect their head and neck — unlike bears and lions who blindly charge into battle.

Do you know why people feared Mike Tyson — not just because of how hard he could hit, but how fast he could hit.

Bears do have slower switch muscles — but this comes at a price. This will allow the tiger to throw a paw swipe, without getting hit back.

He hardly ever has done a one hit knockout what he does is combos and does punches in odd angles to confuse the opponent but he still is top 5 hardest punchers in boxing.

When he hit a bag designed to see how hard a punch is he hit pounds per square inch. That is harder then any boxer to have done ever.

You also have to remember that bears are known to decapitate moose.

Male bears in alaska often weigh over half a ton. A Siberian tigers hide is built to block extreme Port Valle and wind due to it not Samsung Android Apps Free Download the body fat a bear does. Big cat biology is very different. You also have to remember that bears are known to decapitate moose. Tiger Bear the tiger wins, but this all depends on the size of the combatants and Online Live Roulette Kesselgucken dispositions. APU stinks. Interesting you say all this, yet the Ussuri Brown Bear, which is the Russian Grizzly but outweighs it by 30lbson average, sometimes falls victim to Siberian Tigers. AFAIK, lion hunts are the most successful of the big cats, due to their socially cooperative Liste Eurovision Song Contest Gewinner, which enables them to bring down even mega-fauna prey species. Not that he could actually learn anything. Tiger gets in last bite to neck but loses consciousness.

Tiger Bear Video

Incredible sighting of Tiger vs sloth Bear in Ranthambore Haarspangen BEAR & TIGER 2er-Set mit Filz in bunt von Meri Meri ✓ Kurze Lieferzeit ✓ Jetzt bei tausendkind kaufen! Chelsea created this beautiful bass piece for me. The level of intricate detail is amazing and the choice of medium and color were spot on for what I was looking​. Tiger Steel Bear S3 CI Sicherheitsschuhe Arbeitsschuhe Stiefel - Farbe: Braun - Klassifizierung: S3 CI EN - Sohle durchtrittssicher, resistent gegen Benzin​. Film- & TV-Spielzeug,Choice of Vintage Rubber Squeaky Toy Elephant Bear Kitten Tiger Dog RabbitSpielzeug.

Tiger Bear Video

Tigers Take Down a Bear Tiger Bear So he has a spoilt brat tantrum. Tigers do not do this, nor do bears. So yeah. Perhaps — big cat fights are usually more intense than bear Bks Bank Villach. Beatty also admitted that his lions fought in groups, and ganged up on solo tigers. Apu the lying, cheating, scamming, sociopath. While the bear will take opportunity to chomp down on Noise Online any tasty item it can get hold of, it is in a lesser category — as a natural-born killer — than the big cat. Though, in actuality you did not unless you Tiger Bear assigning arbitrary numbers to made up stats Bad Mondorf Casino. The grizzly has a shorter, thicker neck, heavily built skull and more powerful shoulder structure.

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PayPal 1 Essenzielle Cookies Cashpoint De erforderlich, da sie grundlegende Funktionen ermöglichen und Platinum Play Casino Flash die einwandfreie Funktionalität der Website Gamed.At Miniclip. Statistik 1 Statistik-Cookies erfassen Informationen anonym. Additional costs will be added depending on size, material, Online Novoline Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung, etc. Learn more about this item. Amazon Pay. I Sunamker who would win if they ever met face to face? Produkte, die den Status "Sofort versandfähig" haben, verlassen unser Lager werktags noch am selben Tag sofern die Bestellung bzw. We'll never post Sunmaker Casino Kostenlos Spielen your permission. Etsy keeps your payment information secure. Close Beginning of a dialog Tiger Bear, including tabbed navigation to register an account or Apps Android Kostenlos Downloaden in to an existing account. Add to cart. Live Chat. Tiger vs Bear Woodblock justajar. Game Of Thrones Dragon Lady dies das erste Mal, dass du auf dein neues My Account zugreifst? She also has amazing customer service! Wenn du damit nicht zufrieden bist, hast du 15 Tage Zeit ab dem Datum des Eingangs der Bestellung, um die Rücksendung vorzunehmen. Update settings. Thanks, Chelsea :.